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Jun 13, 2021
17 Samsung Bugs Have Been Discovered to Farm User Data

Samsung has now ran over to go patch the 17 bugs that they found, which has potential use to farm user data. What were these Samsung bugs? The issues were […]

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Jun 13, 2021
Walmart Now Selling Cheap Android TV Box With 4K Support On Sale, Named Onn

Google made a record achieving Android Box, with 4K Chromecast built-in, but it was $50, now, however, Walmart is selling a cheap Android TV box, and it's even on sale, […]

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Jun 13, 2021
Galaxy Watch 3 Gets a $200 Discount - Tizen on Smartwatch Comes to an End

The Galaxy Watch 4 is said to come out in a matter of months, and with that, the end of Tizen on Samsung Smartwatches. It will be replaced by Google's […]

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Jun 13, 2021
Huawei is Going to Upgrade Their Devices to HarmonyOS

Huawei, the Chinese tech company, is now planning to update over 100 smartphones and tablets to the HarmonyOS. This is to replace Huawei EMUI - an Android-derived mobile operating system […]

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Jun 8, 2021
France Sues Google With $267 Million For Abusing Its Ad Market Dominance

The French Competition Authority has fined Google a €220 million fine. Why? This was due to the fact that Google was favouring its own digital advertising rather than being fair […]

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Jun 7, 2021
More Features Announced for the Galaxy Watch 4

The Galaxy Watch 4 is the first one of Samsung's smartwatches to be running the Wear platform - an OS that both Samsung and Google have collaborated on. Yes, rather […]

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Jun 7, 2021
Our NHS GP Medical Records Are Going to be Sold - Here's how to Opt out

The NHS has announced that your GP medical records could be/ will be shared with the government and Interested "Third bodies" ie sold off to private health companies for them […]

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Jun 3, 2021
Microsoft is said to be releasing its next generation of Windows Soon

This month, Microsoft will release a new version of Windows, with an event on the 24th, this year. The event will start at 11 AM, with the hosts as CEO […]

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IoT Gadget News

US Soldiers Accidentally Leaked Nuclear Information Online

US soldiers found in Europe accidentally released classified nuclear weapon information when they started to use flashcard apps to help them remember the information in general. The US Nuclear Data […]

HarmonyOS is now been confirmed to launch in early June

Huawei is a MASSIVE company and is embarking on a mission of releasing its own OS. In doing so it is obviously attempting to challenge the duopoly of Android and […]

Samsung's Galaxy Watch 4 Features Confirmed

As we all may know, there have been many reports stating that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is due for major changes. However, it's not just the design and features. […]

Samsung will show the Z-Folding, rollable and foldable and more this week

Samsung has recently been the king of the folding smartphone market this year, and more phones are to come out this same week. These smartphones are said to be able […]

Mac Pro Said To Be Released In 2022 With 40 Apple Silicon Cores

Apple has claimed that in 2022 they will create a new Mac Pro, featuring an Apple Silicon chip with up to 40 processing cores and 128 graphics cores.Graphics are said […]

New 24-inch M1 iMac Said To Be 56% Faster Than Intel Version

The new M1 24-inch Apple iMac comes out in seven colours, green, yellow, orange, blue, silver, purple and, pink. It has the M1 chip built-in and is also now said […]

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Won't Have Glucose Sensors?

Samsung, like they do every year, is going to release another smartwatch - the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Watch Active 4. The two smartwatches are expected to go […]

Wear OS May Finally Be Receiving an Update?

The Wear OS is considered one of the best operating-systems for smartwatches. However, one of the main complaints about it is due to the fact that it rarely gets updated […]

2FA Becoming Mandatory By Google Very Soon!

2FA (Two Factor Authentication) is a security mechanism that makes it that when a user logs into such an account, it will flash on another signed-in account, to either allow […]

TikTok Glitch Bans Millions Of Users

TikTok is a famous social media platform, that many people use. Lately, users have been banned due to a glitch. Many people are complaining and others are saying they will […]

MacOS 11.3 has been released, what's new?

After months of beta testing, Apple released Mac OS 11.3 the same day has iOS 14.5, whats new? MacOS 11.3 closes a serious hole in terms of security, which allowed […]

Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Watch and Watch Active 2 Update Brings WiFi and Messaging Fixes

Samsung is a pretty good company when it comes to supporting their smartwatches, even years after their initial release., which is nice to see. Now, the watch news is that […]
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