Nokia N900 Dual Boot Solution Not Aimed at Consumers

Oct 16, 2010


A lot of people were excited yesterday from the news contained in Harri Hakulinena's post that the next version of the Nokia N900 firmware will allow dual booting between Maemo and Meego on the Nokia N900.

Unfortunately, this is not the case according to a response given by Nokia to the Nokia Blog.

Here is a quote:

The Nokia N900 is used as development hardware for platform developers working with MeeGo on ARM hardware architecture. While the software from the MeeGo project runs on the Nokia N900 for development purposes, Nokia does not intend to provide a dual-boot OS option to consumers in upcoming N900 commercial software releases as we want to ensure that we provide the best possible experience designed for that device. The blog post was primarily targeted to the audience reading the blog: MeeGo developers.

This does fall into general consumer expectations rather than the rest of us that would want to tinker with the device until it dies.

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