How to Install Asphalt5 WebOS Game on Nokia N900

Oct 29, 2010

A Guide/Tutorial on how to install Asphalt5 WebOS Game on Nokia N900:-

Before you start, you need the following apps installed in your N900-

  1. PreenV app for N900
  2. Any third party file manager for N900


Steps for installing PreenV app for N900-

  1. Turn on the internet connection
  2. Open X-terminal and type Sudo Gainroot and then press enter
  3. Then type apt-get install preenv and press enter
  4. Wait sometime and then press Y when the question appears and the press enter

First of all, you need to extract the Asphalt5 game and then copy the application folder to your N900 via your PC/Mac. Once you're done with copying, you can safely disconnect your device, and follow the following steps-

  1. Open X-terminal and type Sudo Gainroot and then press enter
  2. Type mkdir -p /home/user/webos/gamesave and then press enter
  3. Erase the above command and type ln -s/home/user/webos/gamesave /media/internal and then press enter
  4. Erase that command again and type preenv and then press enter
  5. Type the path address of the game correctly and press enter
  6. Type chmod +rwx Asphalt5 and then press enter
  7. Now type ./Asphalt5 and press enter


Your game is ready for playing!


The tutorial was originally created by @360NextLevel

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