TAT is a Swedish software technology and design company based in Sweden with local offices in Korea and USA. They specialise in Mobile device User Interfaces (UI) and currently mobile manufacturers and network operators including: SonyEricsson, Motorola, S60, Samsung, Vodafone and Orange. Additional partners also include Texas Instruments, Freescale, Teleca, Macnica Networks, Montavista, Nvidia and Symbian are among TAT’s partners.

They pride themselves with extensive knowledge in design, graphical programming in limited technical environments and using TAT Cascades, (TAT’s software technology platform for user interfaces).

Design loves technology

The mobile phone user interface is where communication between the user and the handset takes place – where the relationship is created.

Hardware limitations often cause phone manufacturers to compromise on the visual representation of graphical user interfaces, hindering them from fully expressing their brand values and usability.