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Dec 31, 2010
An interesting video showing the merits of QtWebKit and WebGL on the MeeGo Platform. Some of the benefits include:- 3D Flickr UI on Qt WebKit Movial created a 3D Flickr […]
Dec 29, 2010
Here is some information provided to us by Mikko about there service to convert QML to a Debian. deb file that can be installed on the Nokia N900. Sounds pretty […]
Dec 25, 2010
Yes, the Indamixx 2 Music tablet is finally for sale, as I'm sure some of our DJ'ing followers could not take anymore teaser YouTube videos.The Sales price is $699 which […]
Dec 25, 2010
  Here are the Preview source packages of the Qt Mobility 1.2 APIs and a set of RPM packages for MeeGo compatible devices to provide backend support for MeeGo. This […]
Dec 25, 2010
Here is another example of the drive of people behind the unreleased handset version of Meego. Running it on an Archos 5 which has a compatible ARM Cortex A8 processor […]
Dec 22, 2010
Heres is an example of the Power of the Qt Framework and Qt Quick. The following shows a simple Drag and Drop icon user interface, but what is surprising is […]
Dec 22, 2010
Here is a quick review of the Arkon Portable Foldup Stand. We found it quite a useful gadget to let you stand up and USE a tablet (Apple iPad, RIM […]
Dec 19, 2010
As many of you might knowm, next month we are off to CES and we are looking forward to some MeeGo fun.This morning though we noticed this Video floating around […]
Dec 16, 2010
Acording to John Nack (Adobe) the next version of Flash Player (10.2) will be up-to ten times more efficient than previous versions, hopefully making browsing YouTube a less stressing experience. […]
Dec 15, 2010
Earlier today, Linux Foundation announced they were taking on Mentor Graphics as a new member. Mentor Graphics doesn't actually run a graphics business. They are into supply of products and services […]
Dec 15, 2010
Bengaluru based IT giant Infosys has developed a digital smart home gateway which allows users to link and control various smart digital devices through a single easy-to-use interface. The gateway is […]
Dec 15, 2010
Yet again Google is in the firing line for tuning search results to favour itself. This isn't exactly a new allegation, but the idea's spreading fast: Google is tuning search results […]
Dec 15, 2010
This is a quick knock up of the old classic super mario sent in to us. The developer is very new to the Qt framework but is surprised at what […]
Dec 15, 2010
Included in the latest release of the Nokia Qt SDK is a Notification API. This is available as a plugin to the Nokia Qt SDK and will offer real-time information […]
Dec 9, 2010
Today Marko Ahtisaari, Nokia's SVP of Design & User Experience spoke at the LeWeb conference about the emerging dominant patterns of interface and user experience in the smartphone industry. We […]
Dec 8, 2010
Today, Texas Instruments finally backed the rumours that have been flying around for the past few months by making an announcement concerning the issue. Rumours had it that the already […]
Dec 8, 2010
Heres an interesting article from Code Improved that explains how kinetic scrolling works and is also linked to a working implementation. Source code will be published soon as well. Last […]
Dec 8, 2010
The MeeGo Developer site is now live. Offering the Linux SDK & MeeGo Tools downloads as well as Guides and references. The MeeGo developer offering is based on the Qt […]
Dec 7, 2010
One of the most cited features of technology is that it helps humans do things faster, easier and more accurately. While we have gone far from the next room call […]
Dec 5, 2010
This is some interesting news for our beloved Nokia N900 Maemo users. A QML Demo using the current Hildon Theme graphics. This QML demo uses the current theme graphics of […]

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