Arkon Portable Foldup Stand Review

Dec 22, 2010

Here is a quick review of the Arkon Portable Foldup Stand. We found it quite a useful gadget to let you stand up and USE a tablet (Apple iPad, RIM PlayBook, Samsung Galaxy Tab). Dimensions wise its about 18cm x 2.5cm x 3cm making it a quite a small size for popping into your Jacket pocket or backpack etc.

The unit can be adjusted to suit different tablets and sitting positions by the two section back column and also the two legs. The unit has "Rubbery" bits located at several places including the bottom, So it doesn't slip, on the cutout that the Tablet would fit in on the legs and also the upright column. We found it was simply Childs play to setup and tear down making it a really useful as a Portable device.

At the moment this tends to follow me to the work desk during the day and then to the bedside table at night, so I can use the Tablet as a clock 🙂 . Priced at £9.99 + £3.99p&p we found it to be quite good. Heres a Video of all the action:-

Please feel free to leave comments on either here or the YouTube channel.

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