Easy QML deployment for #N900. No C++ Skills needed

Dec 29, 2010

Here is some information provided to us by Mikko about there service to convert QML to a Debian. deb file that can be installed on the Nokia N900. Sounds pretty good especially if you don't like or want C++.

Hi, today we launched a beta service for making qml-projects to N900 installable packages without any C++ knowledge. At this phase the service uses your bitbucket account to fetch files and to push resulted .deb file. We're also planning to integrate Linux Symbian tools on it when Qt 4.7.1 is available on N8. This is still beta and feedback is needed. We will improve the service. Next phase will be usage of user's own .desktop file.

Service is as simple as:
1. Put your qml project to bitbucket
2. Add write rights to our service
3. go to
4. Put the url to your repo in the text input field
5. Wait for the .deb to be published in your repo.

Service and some further information is available in

Please let us know if you have used the above service to publish any apps.

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