Infosys introduces Smart Home Gateway using Intel Atom and MeeGo

Dec 15, 2010

Bengaluru based IT giant Infosys has developed a digital smart home gateway which allows users to link and control various smart digital devices through a single easy-to-use interface. The gateway is based on Intel E600 Atom processor and the MeeGo open source software. The linked devices can be manage through a Wi-Fi console, smart phone or remotely via the Web. Infosys introduced the gateway at the Intel Developer Forum 2010 in San Francisco, California.

The gateway can be configured for utility, healthcare, telecom, entertainment and security service industries. Pre-integrated with a reference design based on the new Intel Atom™ processor E600 series, the gateway has variety of applications. This solution has a host of connectivity options like WIFI, Bluetooth, HDMI, and USB, providing convergence of different technology networks.

"The new Digital Smart Home Gateway underscores Infosys' leadership in delivering innovative solutions for the future. In addition, this also strengthens our partnership with Intel. We saw an opportunity to address an emerging market need by combining our product engineering competencies along with Intel's state-of-the-art technology", said, Sanjay Jalona, Vice President, High-Tech & Manufacturing, Infosys Technologies Ltd.



Infosys aims to market the solution to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) who can pre-configure the technology into their customized energy management devices. The solution provides a real time monitoring capability for residential utility providers. The Digital Smart Home Gateway finds its way through to the medical field as well. Physicians or medical practitioners can interact with in-home patients via video conferencing. This allows them to access health records, undertake patient monitoring and remote diagnosis securely.

"The gateway is a combination of Infosys' design and engineering expertise with Intel's leading edge embedded system-on-chip. The result is an innovative product for customers to manage a variety of devices in the home," said Joe Jensen, General Manager, Embedded and Communications Group, Intel.

The smart home concept has been making rounds for some time now, but hardly any made real progress. We hope this particular tech solution by Infosys at-least becomes a part of our futuristic homes.

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