How to Fix MeeGo 1.1.1 MSN Login

Faith Obafemi
Dec 7, 2010

One of the most cited features of technology is that it helps humans do things faster, easier and more accurately. While we have gone far from the next room call placed by Graham, we still have giant strides to make.

Nokia has been putting great effort in making significant contributions to the world's technological developments. With it's MeeGo operating system, you can have a better experience on your netbook.

It's been a year since the new MeeGo SDK software was released. Now you can connect with persons far and wide, through video, audio and multimedia on a simple looking device.

As humans, we get emotionally attached to something that accompanies us for most of the day. Smartphone and mobile devices are not an exception. So, when your Netbook's installed MeeGo 1.1.1 simply isn't working or the MSN is not working properly,  there is a tendency to feel disorganized.

Good thing this post will help you find a way to fix things when your MSN is not working well. I understand how frustrating this can be.

Just follow these simple steps:

1. Launch MSN and bring up the Terminal application from the applications screen.

See images below for guidance:

2. Now type the following:

sudo zypper install python-crypto

Techbit: With the updates in MeeGo 1.1.1 no manual edits of are required

It's important to note that the currently discussed MSN fix is possible only in a version netbook.

For those not even sure what version their netbook is, then just enter this simple single line command:

uname -r

Additional techbit is that you might need to disconnect and reconnect your MSN account in IM Settings before the changes authenticate or you could opt for leaving it for a while and it will eventually change and authenticate.

Now, you're free to go have fun on your netbook without hassles!


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