Intel introduces prototypes of Meego Smartphone and Tablet in Russia

Dec 3, 2010

Intel recently revealed the first MeeGo netbooks that go on sale at an Intel press event held in Moscow. Prototypes of MeeGo-Intel Atom-based smartphone and a tablet were also displayed at the event. Here we bring you further information about the MeeGo devices.

The devices running on the Linux based Operating System, MeeGo, has plenty of features to cherish about. Some of the key features include faster boot times, an application for easy access of social networks like Facebook and Twitter, support for Flash and immunity to viruses. Yes, for Linux viruses almost do not exist as it is harder for them to succeed with this operating system.

The revelation was made by Intel Russia representatives Kamil Isaev, Director of Research and Development, and Andrel Matveev, Director of Marketing, live in the Russian TV channel "Rain". According to them, the development of MeeGo is based on two key ideas. Firstly, MeeGo is an open ecosystem. The key is that this would lead to new ideas and thoughts which are born out of the interaction. The second key to its development is the applicability of the OS and applications written under it. The OS is applicable to a variety of devices that include netbook, nettop, tablets, smartphones, set-top boxes and televisions.



The smartphone prototype has pretty standard dimensions comparable with many other smartphones on the market. However, it's not a commercial sample but only a prototype for testing functionality. The final MeeGo smartphones will be different. The Intel representatives also pointed out that smartphones are the last link in the chain of MeeGo devices. MeeGo first appeared in the sale of notebooks, then the tablets and now smartphones.

One more interesting thing about the MeeGo devices is the painless transfer of data and applications across the devices based on this OS. You can start something on the computer and finish it on a smartphone, whenever and wherever. The same can be said about the editing of documents, e-mail and much, much more. This versatility - it's part of the future, and this is the most attractive thing for MeeGo.

MeeGo is still in its early stages, but it clearly does have a future. The ongoing and growing support of the majority of manufacturers is a very important point for MeeGo. MeeGo tablets are already being developed by companies such as Acer, Lenovo, and ViewSonic. Nokia is also expected to launch an Intel Atom-based MeeGo tablet in the first half of next year. So this is the beginning path of MeeGo in Russia. Let's wait and see what the future holds for MeeGo.

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