Mentor graphics joins the Linux foundation

Faith Obafemi
Dec 15, 2010

Earlier today, Linux Foundation announced they were taking on Mentor Graphics as a new member. Mentor Graphics doesn't actually run a graphics business. They are into supply of products and services that deal with the embedded design of chips and boards, including embedded applications, operating systems and drivers.

The Mentor Graphics team noticed that the number of embedded developers using the Linux software to design components of devices was on the rise. They, therefore, decided to create a platform for developers and vendors which makes it easy to share tools, resources and infrastructure.

Commenting on their new membership status, Glenn Perry, general manager of Mentor Graphics Embedded Software Division said: “The promise of embedded Linux is being realized and developers are seeking tools and resources to support their work with this OS. This is in perfect alignment with our vision and our enabling technologies and services. The Linux Foundation is increasing its focus on embedded projects to help accelerate the Linux platform in this area.” Showing his enthusiasm, he added: “We’re excited to become a member of The Linux Foundation and to be a part of advancing Linux in the embedded computing market.”

Representing Linux Foundation was Amanda McPherson, vice president of marketing and developer programs, whose comment about the new member was: “Mentor Graphics is a leader in embedded hardware and software design and, as a Linux Foundation member, will contribute important expertise to the advancement of Linux in embedded products.”

Mentor graphics has always been involved in projects that require open source alliances. This is evident in their recent acquisition of some assets of  CodeSourcery Inc. which happens to be a leading provider of open source GNU-based toolchains and services for advanced systems development.

All these go to show the need to have a strong base for Linux Foundation projects as several are brought together to form a strong base.

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