MultiTouch Twitter Wall at CES

Dec 19, 2010

As many of you might knowm, next month we are off to CES and we are looking forward to some MeeGo fun.This morning though we noticed this Video floating around the next showing the futuristic interaction with Social Networking that we all can possibly see in the future.

This wall was designed by MultiTouch a company based in Finland which manufactures table- and wall-sized multitouch displays. Multiple users can use displays simultaneously. The subject of the wall display will be Twitter and will allow users to interact with Tweets / Photos and Hash tags in the Twitter world, but on Large 46" Screens.

Users of the MultiTouch Twitter Wall can open tweets, represented on a rotating sphere, by touching a profile image and moving, or resizing, the tweet on the display. MultiTouch will also produce the Official 2011 International CES Twitter Wall in Las Vegas, January 6-9, in the North Hall lobby of the Las Vegas Convention Center, with the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA).

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