Qt Mobility 1.2 Technology Preview

Dec 25, 2010


Here are the Preview source packages of the Qt Mobility 1.2 APIs and a set of RPM packages for MeeGo compatible devices to provide backend support for MeeGo. This review is to obtain your feedback on the design of new APIs early before the APIs are upgraded to a BETA level before ultimately finalising for MeeGo 1.2.

Source packages:


MeeGo packages and installation guide:http://download.meego.com/live/devel:/qt-mtf:/qt-mobility:/1.2tp1/testing/

  • sudo zypper addrepo http://download.meego.com/live/devel:/qt-mtf:/qt-mobility:/1.2tp1/testing/  mobility-1.2-tp1
  • sudo zypper addrepo http://download.meego.com/live/Trunk:/Testing/standard/ trunk-testing
  • sudo zypper refresh
  • sudo zypper install qt-mobility
  • sudo zypper install qt-mobility-examples

Symbian and other platforms:There will be no Symbian sis packages for this technology preview. If you wish to build Mobility from source for other platforms, you will need to first build Qt. Qt binaries, as provided in Nokia Qt SDK, cannot be used to build Mobility.  Mobility 1.2 requires Qt 4.7.0 as a minimum.

New features:We would like to highlight two new features for your attention.

Known issues: (TP packages are tested on a net-book environment)Organizer:

  • mkcal backend is not enabled TP package. Only memory backend is working on TP package. (enabled in master code line)


  • qmlcontacts example : not installed


  • declarative-music-browser: declarative-music-browser displays empty window on MeeGo, there is no functionality displayed.
  • mediabrowser: mediabrowser  displays empty window on MeeGo, there is no functionality displayed.
  • Player cannot display video full screen on MeeGo netbook
  • Audiorecorder does not seem to record audio on MeeGo netbook
  • qml_camera does not display an image

Document Gallery:

  • documentproperties do not show any document details


  • Landmark Browser – unable to open database

Service Framework:

  • Service Framework – sfwecho-server failed to write to database, sfwecho-client not fully tested due to testing infrastructur currently being set up


  • Bluetooth – BT scanner worked, Bluetooth chat ran but crashed when trying to connect.


  • Geoclue backend code is not enabled in TP package. (enabled in master code line)


  • No backend is available on MeeGo

Master branch and the latest RPM packages:If you wish to check out an up to date status, please view the Qt Mobility master branch and download the RPM packages that we create from the master branch on a regular basis.Source code: http://qt.gitorious.org/qt-mobility/qt-mobility/commits/masterMeeGo packages: http://download.meego.com/live/devel:/qt-mtf:/qt-mobility:/1.2/testing/

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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