Rumours are True as Texas Instruments announce OMAP4440 processor for release in 2011

Faith Obafemi
Dec 8, 2010

Today, Texas Instruments finally backed the rumours that have been flying around for the past few months by making an announcement concerning the issue. Rumours had it that the already developed Dual Core processors would be with OEM's for Q1 of 2011. Well, we were too enthusiastic about the good news and thus confused ourselves by erroneously assuming OEM's already had these processors and were already probably already working on a new set for the next generation. That's what happens when you're too giddy to pay attention.

Still in my state of utopia, I fantasized about Nokia adding these awesome processors to the much expected Nokia N9, well, we're assuming it will be called N9!

Far from daydreaming, the facts are that the OMAP4440 applications dual-core processor will be first sampled in Q1 2011. While actual production of the processors would begin in second half of 2011.

Anyone interested in these processors would not be able to get it from a distributor because they are aimed at high-volume wireless OEMs and ODMs.

Commenting on the amazing features of the OMAP4440 dual-core application processor, Texas Instruments, in its announcement hailed the efficient and high performing applications processor. OMAP4440 is an upgrade to OMAP4430 which has improved performance, an increase in graphics performance by 1.25 times, a decrease in web load time by 30%, increase in 1080P video playback performance by 2 times and increase in clock speed as fast as 1.5 GHz per ARM® CORTEX™-A9 MPCORE™.  With these advanced features, you can be sure of possessing a smartphone with the ability for 1080P video conferencing, 1080P Stereoscopic 3D (S3D) and gesture recognition. You can find more details about the OMAP4440 dual-core processor on their website.

For certain, we know the future holds awesome new developments, both on the hardware and software side. But I'm sure, like me, you also wish you could fast forward things!

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