QML User Interface released for Peregrine (MeeGo)

Jan 25, 2011

Peregrine, the open source communication client for MeeGo today have updated their community site and wiki page and also released the QML User Interface (UI). Below is a YouTube clip demonstrating two different User Interfaces in QML running on MeeGo on an ideapad - one UI using Qt Components, the other Interface in Plain QML without extra dependencies.

Peregrine is a real-time communication client that integrates daily needed communication services. By using an efficient and intuitive user interface the user can benefit from communication services like Chat and VoIP supporting different protocols like Jabber or Google Talk. With Peregrine you just need to be familiar with one application. It has an open design that allows you to include other services on demand. Peregrine uses MeeGo as a reference platform. It is based on Telepathy-Qt4, Farsight and GStreamer to realize its powerful IM/VoIP Features. As a convenience of Peregrine you can merge several contact details to one person and thus find the available contact channels quicker and easier.

Peregrine is definitely shaping up as an Instant Messaging client that the MeeGo crowd need to keep an eye on.

Thanks for the heads up Rolf.

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