Teleca at CES 2011

Jan 20, 2011

We got to catch up with Teleca at CES. Why is Teleca of interest? They are a key contributor to Open Source communities and have a track record of working with all major Mobile Linux platforms and who are involved in core platform development and the evolution as well.

They are packaging their in-depth expertise on Maemo, Mobile Linux and QT and our cross-silicon expertise including x86 and ARM architectures to offer device vendors support to quickly bring MeeGo devices to market.

Below is a quick video of them showing application development on an iPad (please forgive them for using the iPad ... Lol). Sorry for the poor video

MeeGo is an open source linux-based platform supported by The linux foundation and a large number of companies from a broad range of sectors. MeeGo is not tied to a specific silicon environment and can be deployed in a multitude of different device classes.

Being able to use one Open Source Linux platform across different device classes will increase component re-use and ease maintenance of software baselines and enable greater innovation. MeeGo is the right step in a converging space and will facilitate development of exciting new applications and services for consumers, leveraging its strong application and UI framework based on QT. Enabling a faster time-to-market for device manufacturers while creating unique experiences across different device categories delivers a compelling offer.

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