Hands on With the MeeGo Tablet ExoPC (Pre-Alpha) 1.2

Feb 21, 2011

Here is a quick walk through of the interface of the MeeGo ExoPC. We did not go through it extensively due to the fact that this is a Pre-Alpha version and much of what you may may not reflect what the final shipping product will look like.

The MeeGo Tablet User Interface (UI) is different to most Tablet manufacturers as it does not have a wall of icons or widgets, but alternatively has a series of Panes. Each Panes can be assigned a particular category such as Photos / Video / Music / Twitter etc. We can see these also being used for additional business functionality such as Email and Calendar as well as other social networking clients.

As a whole the interface is quite smooth and responsive but obviously not on par with other Tablets such as Apple or Blackberry due to its early development stage.

Intel is behind MeeGo but many do worry about how long it has taken the OS and Tablet UI to reach this level of stability, worries that hopefully will be laid to rest over the coming months as it matures and the developer community take it onboard.

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