Intel kept in the dark about Nokia Plans

Feb 12, 2011

Whats the latest Buzz word with the Saga thats Unravelling around the Web-Osphere ? (I think it a good word), Several Intel people that I have spoken to confirm that Intel was kept in the dark to Nokia’s plans of the monumental shift of focus from MeeGo to Windows Phone. This has also been confirmed by a report on the Website TechCrunch

A year ago people were rejoicing at the fact that Nokia and Intel were developing this Open Source OS together and could compliment each others strengths. Many think that this was an unfair move of Nokia but in response Intel have come out fighting alongside the Linux Foundation, Developers and the MeeGo community.

Also it seems Nokia’s first MeeGo device has been sent back to the drawing board by operators because of the “flimsy” hardware keyboard mechanism which failed testing and as a result this device (N9-00?) has been trashed and according to another Analyst has been replaced by another device namely the N9-01, which is a keyboard-less solution. Most people saw Nokia's next device as a continuation of the Nokia N900 and the E-Series Communicator and some how a keyboard-less solution doesn't seem to hit the mark.

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