Interview with Intel Peter Biddle, MeeGo, the Cosmos and Beyond

Feb 21, 2011

Its not often I bump into someone almost as cool as me, but I got to Interview Peter Biddle who is the General Manager of Product and Services for Intel about MeeGo and its great to meet someone with a real fire in their belly.

Intel is attracted to MeeGo as it is a Development Open Source Operating System as they have been investing in the Linux Kernel for over four years now. They are now shifting their focus onto two additional layers, the development platform including Qt and also Great development services. They are looking forward to a slick and sexy user interfaces powered by MeeGo.

He feels that the technology public need to keep in mind that Ecosystems take a little time and also a little patience is required. Saying that Intel are "Super Excited" about Intel AppUp as a year ago they only had a couple thousand developers and now they are at are at a respectable sixteen thousand.

People deserve another EcoSystem and Intel believe that what Intel are building is something that their customers, partners, developers and consumers want. Below is the video of the interview and please keep in mind coming directly from the airport straight to an interview is not a good idea, I was shattered, but luckily Peter wasn't.

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