Below is a Press statement from Jim Zemlin, executive director at The Linux Foundation.

“The Linux Foundation is disappointed in Nokia’s decision today to choose Microsoft as the primary platform for its mobile phones. Tough times give birth to difficult decisions that we don’t always agree with, but open source is — at its core — about choice. We believe that open source software is more than a sum of its parts, and the market is currently bearing that out. The Linux Foundation is here to enable collaboration among its members and the Linux community, and we invite participation in MeeGo and any of our other many projects and programs. In its 20th anniversary year, Linux is a significant underpinning in every computing segment. Full steam ahead.”

Jim echoes a lot of the sentiments of the Open Source community. Should we mourn an old friend or should we carry on, Full steam ahead.

I know what I’m doing 😉 What about you ?