MeeGo and Qt / QML demos assault MWC

Feb 23, 2011

Below are a few Demos of interconnected hardware using MeeGo / Qt / Qt Mobility / QML / OpenGL / OpenGL2 and QML 3D (still being developed). Showing the same sode being utilised over various devices but majority of changes are simple changes to QML for the User Interface (UI) for different input mechanisms or screen resolutions. This inter portability is where MeeGo / QML does excel and this functionality is built into the OS at the ground level opposed to utilising workarounds or add on patches.
This is a MeeGo prototype Demo by Nomovok showing examples of how they can run similar programs over different User Experiences (UX) using Qt ,QML and OpenGL Shader.

Qt development networks. Nokia showing a UX which is Written in QML with standard C++ being used for the application logic and also OpenGL and OpenGL2 depending on the underlying hardware. As you can see Nokia are very active in Qt and its development.

Yet another demo of MeeGo connectivity and the ability to pause media playback from a device and having it resume to another device of user choice.


Looks good doesn't it ? Please let me know your thoughts in the comment box.

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