Myriad Dalvik Alien at MWC - MeeGo - Maemo

Feb 21, 2011

This has definitely been a busy time for the Myriad Group after their launch of their virtual environment, Dalvik Alien, that can run on Maemo and also targeted at MeeGo as one of the first platforms that they will run on. What is Dalvik Alien? It is a virtual machine that can enable Android applications to run seemingly natively on Maemo / MeeGo devices as well as other OS's further down the food chain ... hehe.

We Spoke to Benoit Schillings their Chief Technology Officer who previously was the CTO of Trolltech and feels he introduced Qt to Nokia. Myriad Group has helped distribute mobile software applications onto over 250,000 devices and is typically a B2B company providing such things as a User Interface (UI) for Telefonica for Twitter or Facebook.

Dalvik Alien aims to be a bridge between Android and Maemo / MeeGo as there is no programming change or additional languages to learn. The Apps run in a simple script wrapper and therefore there is little speed loss which they attribute to Android being well designed. As Android tries expanding into Additional devices such as TV's, Benoit feels this will also be a natural progression for Dalvik Alien.

This software will not be provided to end users but instead to Manufacturers and OEMs for distribution.

Here is a video of the software in action at MWC on the Nokia N900:

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