Home Automation System at MWC – MeeGo

Connected Home

This is a Home Automation framework Demonstration entirely based on MeeGo from a company called M31. One of the issues faced when you have complex buildings consisting of houses or hospitals etc you always face the problem of having to interface with different devices were every device potentially speaks a different protocol and can be on a different system bus. To resolve this issue we integrate all protocols and buses into one architecture called the “virtual bus“. Thanks to this architecture its easy to control lights, power lines, ventalation fans, IP cameras or even fancier devices like cars.

Zond Automation framwork

  • Next generation connected home automation framework displaying smooth and automatic interaction from audio devices and cameras to electric cars and zigbee sensors
  • Using Qt Quick and OpenGL
  • Running MeeGo 1.1 on EEETOP, Nokia N900 and other MeeGo devices


Check out the video for the full information



This product is being currently being distributed to OEMs, but DAMN, I would like my Nokia N900 to do that.

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