TI OMAP 5 Processors - Second Half 2012

Feb 7, 2011

Texas instruments have announced that it is releasing its next-generation processors, the 5000 series in the second half of 2012. Yes, I know we are waiting for 4000 series devices to ship, but its always good to look forward isn't it. These processors will be aimed mainly at SmartPhones and mobile computing devices. Also included with the processors are dedicated engines for video, imaging and vision, DSP, 3D graphics (Stereoscopic 3D), 2D graphics, display and security which further enable face recognition, object recognition and text recognition.

Below is a video showing the Omap 5 Processor being used with a TI DLP Pico projector and a camera which enables sophisticated and interactive gesture and projection control enabling Minority Report like user point and drag control.


  • OMAP 5430 processor for smartphones will be offered in a 14x14mm Package-on-Package with LPDDR2 memory support.
  • OMAP 5432 processor for mobile computing devices will be offered in a 17x17mm BGA package with DDR3/DDR3L memory support.


The OMAP 5 processor leverages two ARM Cortex-A15 MPCores, capable of speeds of up to 2GHz per core in the OMAP 5 implementation. With a 50% boost in performance over the Cortex-A9 core (at the same clock frequency), combined with up to 8GB of dynamic memory access and hardware virtualization support, the Cortex-A15 core can enable true mobile computing experiences.

The processor also includes two ARM Cortex-M4 processors for offloading real-time processing from the Cortex-A15 cores to improve low-level control and responsiveness of mobile devices. The 28nm OMAP 5 application processors offer up to 3x processing performance and five-fold 3D graphics improvement, yet provide a nearly 60% average power reduction compared to a sample user experience on the OMAP 4 platform.

Fiction or Fact ? What do you think ?

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