TwimGo 2.6 Released - QML / Qt

Feb 5, 2011

I know a lot of you have been following the QML version of TwimGo closely and will be happy to hear that version 2.6 has been released. You can run it on a Nokia N900 and N8. It should also run on other Symbian^3 phones too which have Qt 4.7 installed. You can download the TwimGo 2.6 binaries from here.

Here are the new features on/Changes TwimGo:

  • Auto-login
  • Auto-refresh (5 minutes)
  • Indicator if new tweets were found on auto-refresh for home or mentions timelines
  • Fixed the bug of retweeting incorrect tweet
  • New mentions icon
  • Slightly colored tweets for own tweets (red) and mentions (green)
  • Small improvements to error handling: Twitter API errors are shown
  • N900: Minimize app by tapping top left corner

The application is built using QML, Qt Quick and Javascript, Please visit for further information about Qt and QML. Tommi has found that since Nokia’s Qt SDK 1.1 Technology Preview release he's been able to use Qt Creator quite proficiently - The whole IDE along with plain QML Viewer are really stable so that I can be very productive on writing Qt Quick based apps.

You can also follow Tommi Laukkanen on his Twitter account @tlaukkanen or visit his blog Substance of Code . Please leave a comment of how you are getting on with this release.

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