WeTab Tablet Software Update 2.1.1 Released - MeeGo

Feb 4, 2011

The WeTab team have released a software Update for the WeTab OS 2.1.1

This free WeTab OS update brings all-new features to the WeTab, which expands the open approach of the system even further and offers significant stability and performance improvements. The update will install automatically and lets users do even more with the WeTab:

  • Access to Windows networks – In addition to USB and SD cards files can now also be accessed via Windows networks and home servers
  • Direct integration of Adobe AIR Apps in the pinboard - Gives fast access to apps from the Adobe AIR Marketplace directly by a widget on the pinboard
  • Right click in self installed applications – Touching the display for 0.5 seconds triggers the right-click directly on the touch screen
  • Simplified use of more Linux applications - In addition to GNOME and Qt additional support for KDE applications is now activated
  • Widget Creator to integrate own applications - From self- programmed apps to Windows programs running in Wine all apps can now easily be reached on the pinboard
  • Support for full use of Java - By activating the open-source Java components all 1.6 compatible Java applications can now be used in the system and browser

Please let us know how you get on with the update and all pros and cons. Thanks.

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