10 Qt use cases "we" didn’t know

Mar 15, 2011

Phil at Nokia Conversations just posted a very interesting fact that made me go "wow" and so i wanted to share this rare revelation with you. Hes currently at SXSW and has compiled a small list of applications that have been developed in Qt and it really did surprise me how much Qt was already working hard in out everyday lifes.



A popular streaming music service in Western Europe – Spotify creators do their development on Linux boxes. After being sick of not having their own service on their machines, they used the flexible Qt framework for Spotify’s Linux version.

VLC Player

Started as an academic project in France during the 90’s, the “play anything” video player has been developed in Qt since the beginning and has been downloaded hundreds of millions of times since then.

Roku Set-top Box

Watch streaming Netflix on your TV with the help of a Roku Set-top Box and Qt. Roku used Qt to reduce time-to-market and benefit from its robust user interface.

Autodesk Maya 2011

The 3D computer graphics software, Autodesk Maya, was completely rewritten using Qt for its latest release. Plugins are built in Qt as well.

Google Earth desktop

Yup, Google Earth is written in Qt. Write once in Qt, and get your app to run on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

HP Envy printer

HP uses Qt for the touch-screen UI on their Envy printers.

German Air Traffic Control

If you’ve flown into German air space, then Qt has helped. DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH saved one million euros and up to 100 man months of development time using Qt.


The makers of Shrek and Megamind create their films with tools that use Qt.


Wolfram Research uses Qt to build their Mathematica software.

Three more…

Samsung has used Qt for their e-readers and digital photo frames. And some exercise bikes use Qt as well.


Anymore that you guys know ?

Via [Nokia Conversations]

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