Amino - Freedom MeeGo based TV Set top box Demo

Mar 16, 2011

Another day and another demo. This shows some of the core functionality of the Amino box but there is so much more thats going to be available, which we will show as soon as we grab our contact (and you know who you are) ... Lol.

Demonstration shows:

Jump UI overlayed on a PAY TV service
Possibility of controlling the PAY TV box through the Amino box
Electronic Program Guide (EPG) showing broadcast schedule and related content
Catch up TV - BBC iPlayer (Big cheer) played in full HD resolution
Popular Video On Demand sites (VOD) access
User Video sites - YouTube in Full resolution
Searching for Content over the Internet (Inc 1080p HD)
Gaming Platforms such as GameTree TV

Here is some futher information and video shot onsite at CES 2011.

This is still a box under development, so please be kind with your comments.

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