Digia to expand use of Qt in the desktop and embedded environments

Mar 19, 2011


Following on from the news that "Digia to acquire Qt commercial licensing business from Nokia" Here, Harri Paani (Digia SVP), guest posted on the Qt Blog to further explain the companies plans for Qt:

Digia’s plan to acquire the Qt Commercial licensing and service business from Nokia has brought up some justifiable questions about the future of Qt from various stakeholders.

While we understand the need for us to quickly participate the discussion around these matters, we would humbly like to ask for patience from all stakeholders. We can’t participate in the detailed discussions before the transaction is completed.

This is a significant investment for Digia. We want to support the active Qt open source ecosystem and contribute fresh blood to the Qt Commercial licensing and services business. Digia is a software and solutions company, with almost 1 600 top experts worldwide. We are known for our ability to offer our customers clear business benefits as well as our ability to swiftly embrace new technologies, to our customers’ benefit.

Digia has in-depth Qt expertise both from framework development and with demanding projects which makes us a good partner for Qt Commercial customers. Digia is a recognized Qt innovator, delivering the latest Qt technologies into products at the cutting edge of today’s market. Digia has more certified Qt developers than any other company in the industry.

Through the years, Digia has significantly contributed to various open source initiatives, directly and indirectly through customer projects (e.g. Qt, Linux, GStreamer and MeeGo). Our number one priority will be to support the needs of our commercial customers.

Together with our existing and potential customers, we will develop and deliver new features and services (with an emphasis on Qt’s use in the desktop and embedded environments). We are also planning to provide improvements in technical support and functionality for older platforms that are not on the Nokia development roadmap. More information about this topic will be shared at a later time.


Harri Paani
Senior Vice President
Digia Plc.

Source[Qt Blog]

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