Don't howl at the moon - Take a picture with your Nokia N900 (Maemo)

Mar 20, 2011 member jvanhou wasn't like the rest of us, running around howling at the moon, he was being useful, photographing it with his Nokia N900 and check out the view:

Last night, I heard on the evening news that the moon was going to be very close to the Earth, and would be a spectacular opportunity to view at its fullest. After waiting for sunset, I went out to my backyard here in New Mexico... lo and behold, the Old Man was HUGE!!!
Wanting to take advantage of the opportunity, I pulled out my el-cheapo (but reliable) Meade telescope, a 70mm refractor, and got a fantastic view. I wanted to share the moment with family and friends, so I whipped out my n900 and held the lens up to the viewfinder... I didn't have a photo-rig for my extremely cheap telescope, so I fought the evening desert wind, held the phone steady, and...


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