Intel,China Mobile,LGE and Nokia Join MeeGo Handset TSG - Also companies for IVI and Smart TV

Mar 18, 2011

Today there was news from the MeeGo technical steering group meeting that things are looking at hotting up futher for MeeGo in the areas of Handset, IVI and Smart TV as they welcome more companies to broaden MeeGo's appeal.

Handset Working Group

Further boosted by new members Intel, China Mobile, LGE and Nokia. More new companies will be joining in the coming weeks, but these are the new one as of today.

Intel - Lilian Zia, Product Manager at Intel Open Source Technology Center where she is responsible for product planning MeeGo Handset products.

China Mobile - Yonghui Wang (also knows as Robert) Project Manager at China Mobile Communication Corporation Research Institute, and responsible for mobile operating system researching and new technology development. China Mobile is one of the largest mobile phone companies in the world with over 600 Million subscribers.

LGE - HoTaek Jung. e is a Principal Software Engineer at LG Electronics within the R&D Organization. LGE is One of the world's larget electronics companies.

LGE - Wonchul Choi who is currently the project leader of LG MeeGo Mobile Platform project. LGE will be participating in the Handset WG working to contribute in the areas of mobile / communication area, and looking forward to collaborate on MeeGo with the development community.

Nokia - Sami Pienimäki (Sami). Involved with MeeGo Handset since the very start.


IVI Working Group

Pelagicore - CTO Mikael Soederberg. Pelagicore is a well known hardware and software engineering services company in the automotive industry.

Visteon - Pavel Konopelko. Visteon is a Tier 1 automotive supplier. They are actually a spin-off of Ford Motor Company. They are based in the US but service the entire World with their products.

That also includes code contributions to move MeeGo IVI forward to become a viable automotive software

Smart TV WG

Amino - Representative - Kevin Lingley
Intel - WG lead: Narm Gadiraju
Intel - Representative: Dominique Le Foll
JetHead Development - Representative: John Stebbins
Linux Foundation - Representative: Rudolf Streif
Locatel - Representative: Thomas Wentzel
MIPS - Representative: Paolo Masini
Nokia - Representative: Dilip Kenchammana
Nokia Siemens Networks - Representative: Wade Goudie
Telecom Italia - Representative: Nico Tiberi
Videon Central - Representative: Jim Condon
Ysten - Representative: Peter Zhang

MIPS have confirmed that their hardware WILL be compatible with MeeGo.

Thanks for the heads up Vgrade.

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