Intellowares thoughts on QML and Qt Development for MeeGo

Mar 9, 2011

We asked Intelloware to put down on paper their thoughts about Qt + QML and their Twitter client called TweeMee (Which is still in development). This is their answer:

First version of the TweeMee Twitter client just submitted to the Intel AppUp Center, and will be available on MeeGo soon.

TweeMee is a native MeeGo app, written in Qt + QML. Qt is used for network, Twitter protocol, xAuth, JSON parsing and etc.

QML is used for user interface. QML is a really easy way to create nice, modern UI. Using animation framework you could make your UI just "live". Just take a look on this short video. Looks like tab going to catch the mouse cursor.

You will be surprised, this effect was implemented in just few lines of code

  alwaysRunToEnd: true;

  running: true;

    NumberAnimation { target: tabImage; property: "opacity"; to: 0.0; duration: 100 }
    NumberAnimation { target: tabImage; property: "y"; to: 60; duration: 100 }

    NumberAnimation { target: tabImage; property: "opacity"; to: 1; duration: 100 }
    NumberAnimation { target: tabImage; property: "y"; to: 0; duration: 100 }

Another huge plus of Qml - this is a way to create cross-platform application which looks and feels same on Windows and MeeGo platforms.

For now we just implement main Twitter related client features. We have a really big roadmap, and a bunch of really interesting ideas like filtering timeline by creating rules (by user, specific word, hashtag and etc), highlighting specific words in the timeline, desktop notifications, give user a way to not just change visual theme but also the behavior of UI elements. For example user could decided on how to switch between timelines - with fade effect, rotation, slide and so on.

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