MeeGo Birmingham UK Meetup

Mar 18, 2011

Another Meetup done and I really enjoyed meeting the guys. Unfortunately there were quite a few cancellations as some people couldn't get there, but hopefully we will get another chance to meetup again ... soon 🙂

The stars of the show were:

Nokia E7 - Brought along by @WomworldNokia, who was not feeling well but still got there. Brilliant show of dedication
Nokia N900 - The Legend Running a MeeGo Image
ExoPC - MeeGo Tablet UI
Lenovo S10-3t - MeeGo Netbook
Advent Vega - Running @vgrade port of MeeGo
O2 Joggler (Open Peak) - Runinng a MeeGo Port
WeTab - Runing WeTab's own MeeGo UI
and ... ME - Well thats a given


Here Are some of the stars of the show. The WeTab that is currently only shipping in germany and was received quite favourably by the crowd. Review will be online soon.



Yes, it even magically floats in air ......



WeTab + TwimGo = Quite a nice looking app. Separate video will be up soon.



Another star of the show was not a MeeGo device, but the UK Unlreleased Nokia E7 courtesy of WomworldNokia.Solid hardware and form factor that business users will appreciate. Keyboard was very good, felt a bit spaced out but I think that could more be a case of getting used to it. I think a bit more hands on is required to fully realise its potential.



Shot of the Nokia E7 sitting ontop of a Samsung Galaxy Tab. There is some work going on towards making a MeeGo port for the Samsung Galaxy Tab and we would love the same being done with regards to the Nokia E7, but there are certain boot loader questions that need to be answered before this can get progressed. Any takers for this porting task ?



The "Legend". Nokia N900 running early MeeGo. Still a work in progress but now with the recent Announcement of the MeeGo N900 Developer Edition there is continued momentum for this build.



The Advent Tegra. Originally a Android device, but thanks to community member @vgrade it now runs MeeGo.



More tech than what you can shake a stick at



Center stage, the O2 Joggler (a.k.a Open Peak in the US) and it runs ... MeeGo (good guess)



Linaro s10-3t running the netbook version of MeeGo and has become quite a fast and stable device over the last few months. This is the same device that was generously given out at the first ever Meego Conference in Dublin



The ExoPC running the first release of the MeeGo Tablet User interface that is running pre-alpha 1.2 . A cool user interface which shows where we are going.



We just had to show you Annkur from OnlyGizmos with his unique photography tricks of using two phones. The jury is still out to this being an approved photography trick at this point 😉



A good time had by all and some MeeGo myths were laid to rest (hopefully). Unfortunately some of the attendees that travelled a bit of distance had to leave a bit earlier, but hopefully we can figure out ways around this in the future.

Look forward to your comments.

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