Mozilla release FireFox 4 Release Candidate - Tasty - Maemo

Mar 22, 2011

Mozilla has this evening released FireFox 4 for Android and more importantly Maemo. Download directly onto the Nokia N900 from this link.

Heres what Mozilla have to say about FireFox4 Release Candidate:

This release offers faster scrolling, better responsiveness with Firefox Sync and improves the overall user experience of Firefox. Firefox 4 for Android and Maemo brings the performance and customization of Firefox to mobile devices with features like Firefox Sync, Awesome Screen, tabbed browsing and Firefox Add-ons, to create a personalized and effortless mobile browsing experience.

Installation is 14.9Mb which is the usual for Firefox. After you go through the installation process (shown as pictures further down) you are left with a "dare I say it", snappy feeling FireFox on Maemo. Now this came as quite a surprise to me as usually I have found FireFox to be quite slow and cumbersome on the Nokia N900. I couldn't get additional plugins listed (other than google / Amazon / Twitter and Wikipedia) so this might be just down to early teething problems.

The multitab screen panel is accessed when swiping from outer left hand side of the screen towards the middle is really a refreshing change and also the same can be said from the right hand side that lets you access the page forward / back and favourite icon + settings).

Quick Video:

Installation screen shots:

Multitab browsing panel on the left hand side

Additional options and setting on the right hand side

Watch this video to see what’s new in Firefox for Android and Maemo:


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