nVidia Developers Needed as Android Slates deserve MeeGo

Mar 2, 2011


Soon the world is going to have an onslaught of Android Tablets from what may feel like all corners of the world and there's one thing these Android tablets will not have on them and that is ..... MeeGo (Duh!). Yes Android has its pros and Cons and what we want is pure and simple MeeGo on these tablets and that's where the help of nVidia developers is required.

MeeGo member Vgrade is working on getting MeeGo running on the Advent Vega Tablet which is a nVidia Tegra 2 based tablet. The kernel was released recently which has enabled him to build a compatible MeeGo kernel and boot into X windows as below:

Others are progressing other distributions, Ubuntu, from myhr1d, discussions here

The reason that help is needed from nVidia is due to the lack of accelerated drivers for recent Xorg versions used by MeeGo and other distributions. Nvidia has released a linux4tegra distribution but this is based on Xorg 1.6 while MeeGo and others are using 1.9.

Vgrade has asked this question various nVidia Tegra forums but it seems nVidia is resource limited in this regard. See Here and Here

We need access to nVidia developers so we can provide them with the tools and expertise to help them build their driver code against MeeGo. This would enable nVidia to keep the source code, build it locally and then distribute the driver binaries.

There are a bunch of exciting devices ccoming to market which would benefit from these drivers. So if you can help the MeeGo community please let us know.

Update: Heres a video showing the Meego handset User Experience (UX) running on an Advent Vega tablet (software gfx)

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