Peregrine releases Beta 1 of version 0.7, for MeeGo 1.2

Mar 24, 2011

Peregrine 0.7 Beta 1 is now available in peregrines Repositories. This is a fully MeeGo 1.2 compliant app with new features like adding and deleting identities, orientation support on handset, huge performance improvements through active OpenGL Support and even more to come. Peregrine is a Messaging System for the most common services like jabber, ICQ, Google talk, AIM, XMPP, MSN, Facebook etc, with additional services in the pipeline.

This Application is ONLY for use on MeeGo Core 1.2, So not many people will be sporting that version as of yet.
New features:

  • Update to MeeGo 1.2
  • Adding and deleting identities
  • Orientation support
  • Performance improvements through OpenGL Support
  • Bugfixes

Good news as well: Peregrine is on the cool stuff list for N900 at the MeeGo Wiki and we pushed a video about the new features to YouTube, see below. So, hot stuff is going on - we hope that you are interested as well in joining the development of Peregrine. Checkout our Hacking Guide.

Installation instructions

zypper ar -f peregrine

Latest stable Release:

zypper in peregrine-plain-qml

Unstable (nightly) Peregrine

zypper in peregrine-unstable-plain-qml


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