Qt + QML - Tommi Shows Flipboard page flip

Mar 13, 2011

It seems like Tommi Laukkanen has really got the QML under his Skin. He is the creator of TwimGo (Twitter App newly based on Qt & QML), Kasvopus (Qt Quick, QML and JavaScript), DoodleDrive (Alpha version QML) and now shows his hand at an e-Book reader type app.

The inspiration behind it is the iPad app "Flipboard", with animated page turning. Heres the video:

The effect was created as below:

Flipable element which is clipped with parent Item element so that only the half of the flipable is visible at all times. The flipable element contains a duplicate page content as the underlying element which is just created with HTML formatted Text element. I also added a flavor of shadow to the Transition animation so that inner part of the fold seems a bit darker. Shadow was created with transparent gradient image.

QML Source code is downloadable from here.

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