Ixonos show their MeeGo based TV Demo at MeeGo Summit Finland

Apr 22, 2011



Ixonos were at the MeeGo Summit Finland and were showing off some of their programming skills. The setup below is a CT-3650 CI TV Tuner (Costs about 120 euro) which is a Linux supported Digbox, connected to a Netbook running MeeGo 1.1 and also VLC + QML for the User Interface (UI).


This demo setup is still being worked on but there is the familiar Television UI allowing you to select basic functionality such as Television, Programs, Recordings and Settings.




Here is the TT-Connect CT-3650 CI.

Features – Technical Data

• USB 2.0
• HD TV support
(MPEG2 and MPEG4/ H.264)
• Integrated Common Interface Slot
• Video and audio decoding via
software decoder
• Record and playback via TV/ Radio
• Teletext
• Time shift support
• Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
• Dolby Digital (AC3)



To control the unit they used a Nokia N900 which connects over TCP/IP using WiFi but they would like to have the option to use Bluetooth at some point but at the moment Qt does not support the Bluetooth Stack. The Phone App Interface was developed using Qt+QML. This program took approximately 3 weeks to do to service as a demo.


Electronic Program Guide can also be invoked.

Ixonos Background Information

Company started working with Maemo in 2007. Traditionally development company for Symbian who followed Nokia to MeeGo. In Tampere their main focus has been Mobile development and they have been doing this for Several years. At present they have 1200 employees globally including Slovakia, China, Berlin and London. They Became a platinum sponsor of the event as they wanted to be involved with Open Source and the community and wanted to increase their visibility to the afore mentioned community. They also have a device creation centre in London where they have taken over a ex Nokia Site.

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