Jukka Eklund talks about the Nokia N900 MeeGo Developer Edition

Apr 21, 2011


Jukka Eklund is on the right hand side

Jukka Eklund is a Product Manager at Nokia that is in charge of the development of the Nokia N900 Developer Edition. What does he do ? Well according to him, hes does everything that everybody else is not doing (Lol). He is a long time Open Source / Maemo supporter.

The Nokia N900 MeeGo 1.2 Developer Edition is a Operating System that is aimed at the Developer Community or as some call it a 'Hacker Device' and not everyday users. If someone flashes their phone with this OS they can certainly get help online with the MeeGo community but there is no official Nokia Care or the like support. In keeping with the MeeGo Open OS Philosophy the work on this OS will be in the open with regular discussions taking place on IRC.

General goals for this OS are:

- Making the N900 useful for Developers
- Voice / SMS / Browser / Connectivity and Camera
- Tuning the N900 HW-Specific features
- Based on the 1.2 Trunk content plus Community Contributions
- Limited General user support

Here is the video of Jukka going through his presentation and also there is a quick demo of the OS making a phone call:

The MeeGO Developer Edition image is available for download Here and the Wiki is Here. Please note that this is still a wrok in progress and is meant for developers and more of a means of seeing the progress and status of the OS rather than a fully functional OS.

The following images are the actual slides from the talk:

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