MeeGo Tablet UI Gets A New Look At IDF Beijing 2011

Apr 12, 2011


Slowly MeeGo is creeping further into the limelight and this can also be seen at IDF Beijing 2011 where today there was an announcement from Tencent and Intel launching a joint Innovation Centre in Shanghai renewing a promise to bring games to MeeGo tablets.

Tencent has commited to expand their labs from 60 engineers to 100 over the next year is a good sign, especially since they are looking to leverage Oaktrail for gaming.

Netbook news is on site and here are some words from them:

... We had a chance to look at the MeeGo tablets that were on display at the “MeeGo Fair” that took place after the press announcement. The hardware is new and is looking to get branded by an OEM and is based on Oaktrail. Its a 10.1 inch device with a 10mm thickness running the Z670 1.50GHz processor with an 1GB or RAM and an SSD of an unknown size. Taking a walk around the tablet you’ll find an accelerometer lock, volume rocker, a physical camera button, headset, mini usb, micro sd, SIM card slot, wifi on/off, docking station port and stereo speakers.

Here is the video of the User Interface for the MeeGo tablet that has been "Skinned" quite differently to the one that was shown by Intel at MWC


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