MeeGoExperts talks with Bjorn Taubert

Apr 22, 2011


At the MeeGo Summit Finland 2011 we got to speak to Bjorn Taubert who is a Marketing Manager for the Intel AppUp(SM) developer program. Bjorn did also have a session at the event - "The Intel AppUp(SM) program - How to distribute and make money with MeeGo apps", that we will also do a post on.

So, Bjorn, What brings you here ?

Intel is here to pitch the story behind meego and to backup everything from IDF in beijing (Renee James) and about the Intel Z670 processor and to let people know about MeeGo, where its going and tell developers how to submit Apps to the Store, which has been available since Mobile World Congress. We also gave out 190 SDP's (Software Development Platforms) at Tampere and also at every MeeGo AppLab worldwide, the next one being App nation in the US.

Other things to talk about would be:

- Optimizing MeeGo Apps with Intel MeeGo (SDK?)
- Development Tools which cost approx $500

Why come to Tampere ?

Tampere has a Large Open Source developer community as it is the home of Nokia in Finland. We would like to assist them and make them aware of opportunities that Intel can provide in terms of tools , contacts and lines of communication. We would also like to let people know about how their apps can get validated for the AppUp store and relevant tool sets and SDK.



Please note, that in accordance to the FTC Guidelines and WOMMA Code of Ethics, I am disclosing that Intel AppUp dev program covered my travel, accommodations and costs related to my visit to MeeGo Summit.



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