Nokia's future OS Opinons have MeeGo written all over them

Apr 30, 2011


Nokia is looking at Developing its own tablet and this is what was discussed in a recent interview with Finland based YLE News. Stephen Elop (CEO of Nokia) discusses the news of the recently proposed layoffs but then goes on to mull over the Operating System options available to Nokia in the future.

Will it be a Microsoft Windows orientated tablet or will it be as Mr Elop puts it some of the other software assets that Nokia has that will enable them to differentiate themselves from the competition? So what Asset would that be? The Only other OS available to Nokia that Mr Elop could possibly label as their asset is MeeGo. Heres the link to the video.

There is another interesting bit of information to keep in mind. The register website recently did a story entitled "Memo gives full details of Nokia staff cull and closures" in which they mention a leaked memo that they have seen. The bit that caught my attention was the following paragraph:

Symbian has been marked for extinction since February, when new CEO Stephen Elop announced that Nokia would pay to use Microsoft's software rather than develop its own, a project called Meltemi.

Looks innocent enough. But let us look again. The new Software project is named Meltemi that many have embraced meaning a Microsoft product, but the definition of Meltemi is a Wind. So ? Well if we look at the Nokia's naming convention for Maemo / MeeGo devices it has been Fremantle, Diablo, Gregale etc and what do all these names have in common? They are WINDS and as such it doesn't make sense or seem logical that they continue the SAME naming convention for a different product line.

Obviously, there is a certain amount of speculation to all of this and perhaps the boogeyman doesn't exist, but then again perhaps he does ...

What is not down to speculation is the fact that Nokia will be shipping a MeeGo handset device this year, So all in all ... it's a bright MeeGo world out there.

Reference Source [The Register]

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