Opera Mobile 11 Running on the WeTab - MeeGo

Apr 4, 2011

We knew Opera 11 for MeeGo was coming a couple of weeks ago but didn’t know exactly when. Well, when is NOW, so thats cool, I always like companies pushing things through and not teasing the audience to death (Are you listening there RIM ?).

Here is a video courtesty of NetBook news of the WeTab running Opera Mobile 11:

There are two versions on Offer for Meego and downloads are available and installed by using Yum or Zypper, Standard MeeGo and also there is a WeTab version. Note that Zypper is not installed on the WeTab as default and I think its best to use this method as its now the preferred package manager for MeeGo.

A reboot is required for the icon to appear on the homescreen but we found doing a couple of reboots helped the speed of operation for some reason. True to form we found the browser to be fast at start up as well as multi-tabbing (its a word) and zooming and also no 'Check-boarding'.


A breath of fresh air is the virtual Opera keyboard that is utilised by this app as we found it to be easier to use without mistakes than the standard offering and it would be great if this could be extracted, but I'm not even sure if thats possible. Any volunteers ?

One bit of functionality that is missed is the ability to scroll up and down by sliding on the left thumbnail like the standard WeTab browser has. We hope this can be integrated further in the future.

A good quote from Nicole:

We hope to keep seeing robust software roll out for MeeGo because in the race for third MeeGo is the only open alternative!

Source[NetBook News]

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