Qt Creator 2.2 RC and QtWebKit-2.1.0 released

Apr 27, 2011


Qt Creator 2.2 RC

Just to update you that the beta release of Qt Creator 2.2 RC is out with the new features log at Qt Creator 2.2 beta release blog, Lots of Bug fixes for Qt Creator’s ABI detection, QML debugging, Qt Quick designer, Maemo development, and more.

If you are using the Qt SDK 1.1 release candidate (our all-in-one Qt development bundle) you might wonder when and how Qt Creator 2.2 will become part of it. The answer is that the Qt SDK 1.1 will release with Qt Creator 2.1, but a short time after the SDK and Qt Creator 2.2 are out, there will be an update for the Qt SDK, that upgrades Qt Creator to version 2.2.

Grab Qt Creator 2.2 RC here!


QtWebkit 2.1.0 has been released and its available in several ways:

QtWebKit-2.1 was branched from the WebKit trunk on July of 2010 and includes several HTML5, CSS and JavaScript improvements when compared to QtWebKit-2.0 (besides the usual bug fixes). For a detailed list of changes, please check theQtWebKit-2.1 release notes. The project wiki has build instructions and other useful resources as well.

Source [Qt Developer Blogs][Qt Developer Blogs]

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