WeTab Tablet Software Update 2.2 Released - MeeGo

Apr 30, 2011



Software version 2.2 has been released as an Over The Air (OTA) software update and so far so good. The system feels a lot faster, web browsing , touch input and multitasking have improved and the Android Starter VM seems better. For those not familiar with the WeTab, it is the first commercially available Tablet MeeGo device. At the moment it is only shipping within Germany.

Now as there hasn't been much testing at this stage, more of a heads up, I'm not sure how much of a placebo effect this is, but so far I like what I see. So why wait ? Click on Info -> Open Settings -> Update without delay.

Once the it has downloaded, applied the update and rebooted it seems like a good idea to also select TouchScreen in the settings screen and select 'Start Calibration' to improve the touch input.

How is your WeTab feeling now ?

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