4tiitoo at Computex - Show off WeTab and reference hardware

May 31, 2011

Stefan was on hand from 4tiitoo at Computex to give us a run down of whats happening with the WeTab, which recently got upgraded to version 2.1.2. Lets start with dispelling some rumours, Some sites are claiming that the WeTab 2 was on show but this is not the case, just reference hardware showing that the WeTab interface can run on other OakTrail hardware. Stefan did reiterate another unique selling point of the WeTab that applications running on KDE, Qt, Gnome,Windows (via Wine), GDK, Java, Adobe Air, Adobe Flash, Android (via a virtual machine) can also run on the WeTab." width="480" height="390" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen">

Also Stefan went through a Demo of the WeTab Operating System running on Reference Hardware. He does actually state that this is NOT the WeTab 2.

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