Acer Considering Meego Tablet for the future

May 4, 2011


We heard news of Acers intentions with MeeGo back at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February but nothing since. Now it is reported by Forbes that according to two product managers within Acer that they are seriously considering releasing a MeeGo based Tablet. Hints are also coming from Eric Ackerson, an Acer senior product marketing and brand manager that Acer is evaluating other operating systems for future tablets. One strong candidate is Meego.

Also, news pertaining to processors:

Though NVIDIA and Acer enjoy a particularly close working relationship, Ackerson hints that Acer may collaborate with Qualcomm on future tablets. “NVIDIA is not [Acer’s] only [chip] partner,” says Ackerson. “We won’t limit ourselves to their silicon.” Acer Product Manager John Karabian notes that Acer has used Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips in some of its cellphones, which are available outside the U.S.

Acers support of MeeGo would further its standing and credibility on the world stage as a serious OS alternative, since Nokia's announcement of Microsoft’s Windows Phone mobile operating system as the OS for their smartphones.

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