Asus Eee pc x101 at Computex

May 30, 2011


On the way to Computex and it seems like the Asus Eee pc x101 has been announced which is a new MeeGo Netbook according to a tweet by JKKMobile

Computex MeeGo Asus Eee pc x101 MeeGoExperts jkkmobile

Hopefully I will be there soon, to take up the story 😉

UPDATE: According to engadget

ASUS is starting off its bevy of Computex announcements with the new Eee PC X101, a netbook that gives the 11-inch MacBook Air a run for its ultrathin money -- with a 950g weight and 17.6mm thickness -- while running either Windows 7 or... wait for it, Meego! The latter model will come out at the groundbreaking price of just $200. Check out its scarlet construction in the gallery below or jump past the break for our video hands-on.

Its midnight, I've just got here. I'm going to be hunting tomorrow 😉

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