Bjorn Taubert - The Intel AppUp(SM) program - How to distribute and make money with MeeGo apps

May 4, 2011


The MeeGo Summit in Finland was the place to be for developers to learn more about the art of "Development" and the bottom line is MONEY - Yes we all need it, want it and even crave it, so the session by Björn Taubert - "The Intel AppUp(SM) program - How to distribute and make money with MeeGo apps" was of real interest.

Some of the keypoints were:

  • At present Intel has over 3,000 engineers working on software. What does Nokia leaving MeeGo mean ? It means theres one OEM less and life goes on and our resolution with MeeGo continues.
  • Real opportunities in Tablet and Netbooks
  • The Appup business model: Validation / Licensing, billing and distribution
  • Developer has upto 70% of the application revenue (depending on Tax)
  • AppUp Store has a 24 Hour try before you buy system
  • You get Multiple store fronts - A broad distribution channel for your Apps
  • Current incentives for developers to submit a application to the AppStore - $500 for the first 100 apps submitted. 10 best would get other prizes, apps can be ported or new apps
  • Apps have been taking 2 days to go through the validation process at present

Below are slides of the session but because of technical difficulties I want not able to provide a video:

Legal diisclaimer - Apparently its all the rage these days.

Not a pretty site to see.

MeeGo - Bringing a Consistent User Experience to Many devices

A picture showing what the current situation is with working (or playing in this case) on the move

Todays App Market

Tomorrows App Market

Vision of the "Computer Continuum"

The power of MeeGo eligantly shown. YOUR Apps can Exist on more than one device.

The Opportunities in tablet and Netbook exist and can be taken advantage of

Please note, that in accordance to the FTC Guidelines and WOMMA Code of Ethics, I am disclosing that Intel AppUp dev program covered my travel, accommodations and costs related to my visit to MeeGo Summit.

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