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May 2, 2011

Why download and install it ?

After installing it, you will be able to browse, download and purchase many applications for your tablet. If your MeeGo tablet didn't come with the AppUp Client preinstalled, you can install it yourself, but you will need to use the terminal to do so.

Let's begin.

- Go to the MeeGo SDK, Downloads and Tools Page and click on the download button for the AppUp center for MeeGo Netbook.

- Launch the Terminal

- Go to Downloads folder

# cd ~/Downloads

Type "su" and enter your administrator password. "su" stands for "switch user" and if no user is specified it will by default switch to the root user.

# su
Password: (Enter your root password)

and now install the Intel AppUp Center using the RPM package manager. Note that the key will auto complete a file name. So all you need to type is, "rpm -i"

# rpm -i

You have now successfully installed the AppUp client on your MeeGo Tablet.

Source [AppUp Developer] Credit to [Daniel Holmlund]

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